trauma counselling near me

As if the current pandemic were not enough of a bummer, it is often the tiny trigger for uncovering buried traumas. During the past few months I found that it is above all the general loss of control over your life that reveals a trauma that was never really understood as such. Time for some trauma counselling.

A traumatic event is an adverse experience so overwhelming that it overcomes your own ability to cope. This could be a very frightening or shocking event, such as being in a car accident. Growing up suffering verbal abuse from someone you know, love and trust can also lead to trauma. Or something much less obvious but huge at the age of a toddler (being left alone) or young adult (the first horrible breakup).

Symptoms could be the following:

  • nightmares and sleep disruption,
  • not feeling safe or have a general feeling of unease in your surroundings or body,
  • have panic attacks,
  • unable to concentrate
  • over the top anger and strong responses to minor things
  • avoid certain places and people,
  • feeling uncomfortable with groups of people,
  • anxiety about even minor life tasks is very high,
  • an unreasonable fear of authority figures, the police or institutions,
  • an exaggerated response to loud noises

Trauma Counselling Techniques

The good thing is that once revealed the trauma can loose its power. There are many different treatment options – the key is finding a treatment that works best for you. Acknowledging and processing trauma-related memories while releasing any pent up fight-or-flight-energy is almost always an important part. Lets find out what works for you!

It’s a bit like every trauma’s desire is to finally be discovered. Even if we don’t have the nerve for it right now, nor the time or the sense. Trauma counselling is some sort of detective work. While you are the leading sheriff I am just the deputy.