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I just finished Dave Eggers’ new novel “The Every” and it left me speechless. Yes, it is a dystopy but I somehow feel we are not that far from it… A sneak peek?

Rec Room Platform, Relate App & Fitter Life-Coach – What?

Welcome to a year in the near future, where humanity has embarked on a thrilling, yet somewhat dystopian journey driven by our ever-evolving obsession with technology and apps. So forget our current apps like rec room to meet, the relate app to find a date or fitter to get in shape…

The App-ocalypse

In 2075, the line between reality and the digital realm has blurred to the point of no return. Our lives are now meticulously managed by a suite of apps, each vying for the honor of being our digital overlord. Need to breathe? There’s an app for that, complete with a premium „Oxygen-Inhaler Pro“ subscription plan. Sadly, some of us have forgotten how to breathe on our own.

Virtual Everything

Physical meetings are a thing of the past, as the global pandemic of 2020 sparked a lasting trend. We now „meet“ people through holographic avatars projected via virtual reality headsets. Our grandkids might ask, „What’s a handshake?“ And we’ll respond with, „It’s that outdated physical gesture people used when they actually met face-to-face.“

Nudged Beyond Recognition

Performance pressure is at an all-time high. AI-driven life coaches, disguised as personal assistant apps, constantly nag us to be better, faster, stronger. You’d think we were all Olympic athletes with productivity medals around our necks. At this point, even our toasters offer motivational quotes before spitting out our morning toast.

Social Media Empires

Social media platforms have evolved into entire nations, complete with governments, taxes, and armies of influencers. Instead of electing presidents, we vote for the trendiest meme curator or the most photogenic cat video creator. Likes and shares are the new currency and the pursuit of viral fame the ultimate goal.

Scary. Wouldn’t you aggree? I will join my virtual friend group on bookstagram to discuss this further.