Anka Schneider

English speaking therapist in Karlsruhe

studied business and administration and is a certified systemic counselor. Ever since, she has had a closer look on the gap between the requirements of our working environment and the universal needs of us as human beings. Stress prevention is her calling.

For years, she has been active in leadership development and career counseling for young scientists. Workshop facilitation, small-group coaching and team building activities fulfill her heart’s desire to bring people together.

With her family, she spent three years in the US. Still today, she remembers vividly, how much energy integration can soak up. Finding your place in a new environment, a new culture even, is a major achievement! All global nomads in and around Karlsruhe can talk about their issues in English with her.

Eva Laraia

Bringing in her expertise as a highly valued volunteer…

she studied literature and is working as an editor for scientific publications. She is a certified systemic counselor and has a great compassion and curiosity for interpersonal communication.

Vividly and affectionately, she follows her philosophy of life: Take it on and love it, as it is! Even when life is not treating you well at the moment.

Grief counseling is her métier: After a painful loss in her family, she had to find her way trough all stages of grieving. Reflecting this experience now, she keeps repeating how good it felt to have professional help on her side: a professional human being – with a steady hand and a loving heart.

English speaking therapist in Karlsruhe Anka Schneider