International Professionals

As English-speaking therapists, we have your newly recruited international employees sit with us. The issues they bring along are usually coupled with teething problems in the German culture in general and in the local work mentality in particular. We help them get on their feet through our consultations… yet wish their bosses would see their distress and recognize the need for specialized, individual onboarding.

Onboarding Program for International Professionals

We offer an onboarding program for your international professionals. With a mixture of short impulse talks (online) under the title “I wish somebody had told me this about Germany”, and several moderated group gatherings (online and in-person) to give them the chance to get to know each other. Because the sentence  that comes up most often is: “I feel alone and have no idea how to reach out to others”. Wouldn’t co-workers be the best start?

Why we are the right partner for your company

  • A wealth of experience from over 6 years of individual consulting work: We have learned that the concerns related to arriving in Germany (often with family or spouse in tow) and growing into the new job/team are often similar and can provide direct support.
  • Know-how from supporting managers in onboarding processes: We coach leaders of international and multicultural teams with a systemic view for organizational development on the one hand and personal growth on the other.
  • Personal experience as expats: We know what it means to gain a foothold in a different culture (USA, Italy), how much energy it can cost and how much patience it takes to really grow some roots.
  • Experience in Facilitation of Workshops and Meetings: Through years of accompanying teams, we will find the right activities/games/ideas for your people; whether scientists, nurses or IT specialists – we have the right tool for your staff.
  • Bringing people together makes us happy: We are sensitive to what holds groups and teams together. Unconditionally empathetic, we are picking up your newly recruited employees where they are in the onboarding process and create connections.

Successful Onboarding for Best Employer Branding

Recruiting internationally to find the right people for your company is time-consuming and costly. We help your company to make the new employees feel welcome and comfortable even far away from home… and thus stay with your company. So yes, our onboarding program can be seen as a stay-onboard-program, too.

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