You want to assist your employees in finding into a work-life-balance?

As it is the sometimes chaotic family life, that robs your employees their energy, we offer a 1-day workshop to help them set their focus anew. They will learn about their stress-levels, and their resources, about authentic communication on feelings and needs. Time to take a breather and reflect. And time to show your employees that they have have found a family friendly workplace.

The balancing act, your employees are working on every day, will get some special attention. The workshop was created for all employees trying to master the family&career-balancing-exercise: from the freshly-baked father, the expecting mother, the mom on maternity leave, all the way to the brave parents of a pubertal teenager.

A family friendly work environment

This workshop helps collegues to connect on a different level so that new networks across departments form naturally. And if you are looking for an easy way to stay in touch with your employees on maternity leave – the workshop represents the perfect kick-off for all further efforts.

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