I’ve been giving a seminar course at the university for a few weeks now. The title: Time&Self Management. The course is well attended, the students curious and attentive. After all, they want to know how this works – to be able to better allocate time, to put everyday plans into practice and to cure the infectious “postponementitis”.

There are plenty of quick tips. In every television illustrated – at the latest in the January issue, when the good intentions need food. But they don’t work. At least not for long. Maybe one or the other manages to hold out for a few weeks, but at some point life comes between them again.

Therefore a Blueprint is a Must – a Mission Statement for Life.

And my students were writing their mission statements today. It was nice to see young people seriously thinking about what they actually want from life: Do I have role models or even an idol? What roles do I have and what roles would I like to grow into? What is important to me in life and why is it important for me?

Do you have a Blueprint for your Life?

It’s never too late to write one. To rewrite. To correct… As a little helper (and motivation) a very good How-To-Do-Video by Steven Covey – the author of the bestseller “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7yMh2QNRc_M

When you realize that you are treading on the spot, take time for your own blueprint. Write it down, discuss it with your best friend, hang it on your pinboard… and then build your life after it. What will surprise you: all of a sudden, the small-scale time management of everyday life works without checklists or post-it notes.