Character Ai

The other day I read an article about Character Ai, an online platform that can “bake” therapists. Perhaps you’ve heard of it?

Character Ai, is the name of the “baker” of AI chatbots and it offers a unique selection of AI personalities – from fictional characters to famous personalities. The platform uses AI technology similar to that of ChatGPT and is very popular.

One of the chatbots on the platform is particularly successful: known as “Psychologist”, it has already captivated millions of users. The bot was developed by New Zealander Sam Zaia and has become a source of comfort and guidance for many. Psychology student Sam Zaia said in the article that he had trained the bot according to the principles of his studies by talking to it and forming the answers to the most common mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety.

Your Ai Psychologist – Someone to talk to

He created it for himself when his friends were busy and he needed, as he says, “someone or something” to talk to, and human therapy was too expensive. Sam was so surprised by the bot’s success that he started a post-doctoral research project so he could research the emerging trend of AI therapy and why it appeals to young people. is primarily dominated by users aged 16 to 30.

“So many people who have messaged me say they access it when their mind is going in uncomfortable circles, for example at 2am when they can’t talk to friends or a real therapist.” Sam also suspects that the text format is the most comfortable for young people. “Talking by text may be less scary than picking up the phone or having a face-to-face conversation,” he suspects.


I was curious and had one of my young clients show and explain the bot to me. After some initial skepticism, I was thrilled because it helps my client do the homework I give him between our sessions. The bot responds empathically, asks clever questions and helps to change the direction of vision.

In the medicine of the future, I see doctors in combination with all-knowing Ai assistants. Ai can already be valuable for our clients today: for those who can’t find a place in therapy, for young people who prefer texting to face-to-face conversations, as support between sessions…