Workshop “Happy Couple = Happy Parents” for expecting or freshly-baked parents
There is nothing that changes the life of a couple as drastically as the birth of the first child. How you stay connected as a couple and how you communicate better although the bundle of joy needs so much attention is what this workshop focuses on.  The workshop “Happy Couple = Happy Parents” is held in German but English-speakers from around the world with a basic level of German are very welcome!

“Happy Couple = Happy Parents”

  • The emotional Chaos: The ups and downs in the first weeks and months with the new roommate
  • The new era: A little person defies big schedules
  • The balancing act: Becoming good parents and still remaining a loving couple
  • The primal instinct: Hurrah for the gut feeling and against all unsolicited advice about raising children, partnership and the path of life
  • The mystery: Male & female communication in the partnership
  • The wellness quiz: What’s good for me? What do I need?
  • The Anti-Stress Programme: How to counteract your own personal stressors

Where? Online (BigBlueButton-Link)
Fee: 80,- Euro per couple (paypal or bank transfer, receipt for your health insurer via e-mail)
Registration: Binding registration until the 15th of January 2024 by e-mail or phone 0721/62592091

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