Tiktok Twitter & Co.

Less social media – more social get-togethers. That’s what we wish you for the new year. Because do you know what tiktok, twitter & Co. do to us? They make us unhappy! Here comes why.

The constant social comparison on tiktok twitter & Co.

It is hardly possible not to compare oneself with other people on Instagram, tiktok, twitter & Co. We often forget that social media is a filter and not reality. Those who are constantly confronted with flawless bodies and exciting hobbies tend to have self-doubt and a distorted self-perception.

The immense time commitment

The math is simple: the more time spent in front of the screen, the less is left for real social contact, creative projects or realizing goals. Daydreaming, leisure, sleep, exercise – there is so much that we neglect. And as you know, if essential needs are neglected, this has negative effects on our mental well-being.

The uninterrupted flood of stimuli

The brain has only a limited capacity to absorb information. That’s why the enormous flood of information from the Internet can lead to stimulus overload. In particular, the abundance of audiovisual stimuli offered by Internet video channels can overwhelm the brain. So the subjectively perceived information overload is in turn associated with depressive symptoms and a reduced sense of well-being.

The secret addiction to likes

But thats not all. The body releases happiness hormones when posts are liked, commented on positively, or retweeted. We all want to repeat this pleasant experience, especially when there are few alternative sources of positive experiences in real life. And all of a sudden an addiction can develop. Other interests and duties are then increasingly neglected. However, the internet consumption continues despite the negative consequences of this behavior.

Yes, Twitter, Tiktok & Co. offer the opportunity to exchange information – especially in times of the Covid-pandemic, this has become even more important. But social networks can never replace real human contact. As we are all well aware, hugs and kisses, glances and shared laughter strengthen our psyche. They make us happy. Because yes, as social beings, we humans depend on real contact. So, how about an old-fashioned phone call tonight? Surprise – no startle a friend!

And here a super documentary on the effects of social media: “The dilemma with social media” – maybe something for your next Netflix-party? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uaaC57tcci0